Just wanna say thank you to all the fat ladies that put themselves out there for fat acceptance everyday. It’s a hateful, dangerous world and you will always have solidarity from me.


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Toilet glam… Made this today and I bloody love it. How long til I spill something on it?!


Toilet glam… Made this today and I bloody love it. How long til I spill something on it?!

Extended Plus Size Clothing Stores


Many plus size clothing stores stop at like a size 3X or 24 maybe 26, but if you’re a lil’ bit bigger, like me, you may feel like you’re outta luck. NOT SO! Lookit all these extra fantastical websites I found that offer extended plus size clothing. 

  1. Fashion to Figure Goes Up To Size 26
  2. Evans (US) Goes Up To Size 28
  3. Simply Be Goes Up To Size 28
  4. Torrid Goes Up To Size 28
  5. Target - Women’s Plus Sizes Goes Up To Size 28
  6. Domino Dollhouse Goes Up To Size 28
  7. Old Navy - Women’s Plus (Online Only) Goes Up To Size 30
  8. ModCloth Goes Up To Size 30
  9. Yours Clothing Goes Up To Size 30  (thank you,  ydontyoumarryanicecreamsandwich : D ) 
  10. Gwynnie Bee Goes Up To Size 32
  11. Avenue Goes Up To Size 32
  12. Lane Bryant Goes Up To Size 32
  13. Kiyonna Goes Up To Size 32
  14. Igigi Goes Up To Size 32
  15. Catherines Goes Up to Size 34
  16. Swakdesigns Goes Up To Size 36
  17. Sonsi Goes Up To Size 36
  18. eShakti Goes Up To Size 36
  19. Jessica London Goes Up To Size 40
  20. Just My Size (JMS) Goes Up To Size 40
  21. Woman Within Goes Up To Size 44 (SN: Got some really nice size 28 tall skinny jeans from here)
  22. Sydney’s Closet (Formal Dresses) Goes Up To Size 44
  23. Big Gal’s Lingerie (For Lingerie, Costumes and Clubwear) Goes Up To Size 12X



"Fat is Not a Feeling" by Corinne Mucha


ok so here’s a thing, fat friends


If you’re a smaller fat person and you embrace the word fat and use it descriptively and lovingly, that’s awesome. I just hope that you think about your big fat friends who can’t use weight limited gym equipment, are denied visas to countries, denied life saving operations, and can’t physically fit into this every day world leading them to live isolated and distressing existences.

I would hope that you’re totally cool with your privileges and that when it comes to taking up space in fat activism, there are marginalised experiences we need to talk about OTHER than how hard it is to find clothes (although that is important too!) and our fat friends on the super awesome deathfat end of the spectrum need a place to talk about the things that make it hard for them to live and thrive every day (including other intersecting oppressions!)

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Fat friendly shopping in Leeds.

There is a distinct lack of plus-size shopping options that exist within the Leeds area, this is a list of some places you may be able to try put together from my own experience of buying clothes in the city.

City Centre.

  • Evans - goes up to size 32

14/22 Lands Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6AW United Kingdom
Tel: 01132 445236

  • Dorothy Perkins - for smaller fats, stops at a size 22.

Trinity Centre, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 5ER United Kingdom
Tel: 01132 346260

  • Marks & Spencers - most of their clothing goes up to a size 22, they have a small plus-size range that goes up to a 28. 

47 Briggate, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS1 6HF.
Tel: 0113 243 2667

  • New Look - the Inspire range is available in the Headrow store again. Goes up to size 28 although not a massive selection.

The Headrow Shopping Centre, Leeds. LS1 6JB
Tel: 0113 203 1170

  • Monsoon - has some clothing that goes up to a size 22.
27-28 Commercial Street, Leeds, Leeds, LS1 6EX, GB
Tel: 0113 244 0084
  •  H&M - the store on Briggate doesn’t stock the plus-size range but has XL’s in stretchy fabrics.

Albion Street, LS1 5ER, Leeds, United Kingdom
Tel: 08447369000

  • Primark - stops at size 20 so only for smaller fats.

Trinity, Leeds http://trinityleeds.com/shops/primark

  • Next - has size availability up to a 26. 

Two locations, Trinity and further out at the White Rose.

  • Kirkgate Market - there are a number of clothing stores inside the market, it changes so often what I used to shop might not be there anymore so go in and have a browse. 

Charity Shops/Vintage/Alternative.

  • The British Heart Foundation charity shop opposite the Corn Exchange often has plus-size options available.

4 Newmarket Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6DG
Tel: 0113 245 4865

  • Mad Elizabeth Vintage, I’ve had some successes shopping here would probably fit up to a size 22. 

Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BR

  • Sohos - Goth/Rockabilly/Punk clothing, stocks Hellbunny up to a 26.

4-8 Call Lane, City Centre, Leeds, LS1 6DN
Tel: 0113 242 3778

Further out of the city.

  • George at Asda - goes up to a size 24 but recently launched a plus range up to a 32. 

Crown Point Retail Park, Leeds, LS10 1ET

  • New Look - seems to be a bigger selection of Inspire available at Crown Point.

Crown Point Retail Park, Leeds, LS10 1ET

  • F&F at Tesco - items up to a size 24, may have the plus-size range ‘True’ up to a 28.

361 Roundhay Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 4BU, England
Tel: 0345 6779414

  • TU at Sainsburys - Stocks up to a 24, two locations one in Moor Allerton or one in the White Rose

9-11 Moor Allerton Centre, LEEDS, LS17 5NY
Tel: 0113 266 6734

  • Simply Be - sizes 12 to 32, White Rose is accessible via car or on the number 3 bus from the city centre. 

Unit 18, White Rose Centre, Dewsbury Road, Leeds, LS11 8LU
Tel: 0844 209 4199

  • Jo Brand Plus - has stock up to a 28, kind of frumpy but does have some wearable stuff. Get the 51 out of the city centre to Meanwood. 
Address: 20 Green Rd, Meanwood, Leeds LS6 4JP
Phone: 0113 230 6272

If you have any more suggestions please let us know?

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I’m confused



Today I read that “Fat Acceptance” is a civil rights movement? I understand that it’s really great for everyone to feel good about themselves and have good self-esteem but this does not mean that people should accept the fact that they’re obese and not do anything about it.

Don’t these people want to live long healthy lives? Not lives with hypertension, high cholesterol, and risks of stroke and heart attack? Oh and don’t forget about diabetes.

Americans are living off medication to control their blood pressure and cholesterol every day so that they lower their risks of CVD. That is no way to live. To call “fat acceptance” a civil rights movement just like marriage equality and equality for Blacks is just plain wrong.

Childhood obesity is becoming more and more of a problem.. to tell kids it’s okay to be like this is not right. We must teach our children healthy nutrition and physically active lifestyle.

“Research documents that fatter people face discrimination in employment (including lower wages), barriers in education, biased attitudes and lower quality of care from health professionals, stereotypes in the media, stigma in interpersonal relationships, and, overall, are judged negatively and treated with less respect. “

"Examples include being denied a job promotion or fired from a job because of one’s weight; being denied certain medical procedures or provided inferior medical care because of one’s weight; or being denied a scholarship, a bank loan or prevented from renting or buying a home because of one’s weight.”

“Even physicians specializing in the treatment of obesity harbor significant weight biases, according to more recent studies. The problem has been well documented among other types of health professionals, nurses in particular. At least 11 studies focusing on nurses’ attitudes toward overweight and obese patients have been published. They consistently show that many nurses harbor negative biases toward these patients and, in some cases, would prefer not to care for them or even touch them.”

“Overweight individuals don’t just find themselves at a disadvantage when applying to grad school. Research has shown that people with high BMIs are less likely to get hired and more likely to have their potential for career success and leadership judged poorly.

Also no one cares about your “BUT FAT IS BAD FOR YOU” speech because it’s something we hear every single day of our existence. You’re not saying anything helpful, revolutionary or necessary. 

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Double chin club is open to new members


Double chin club is open to new members

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